Figure 1

Figure 1: (Left) Perturbative quantum chromodynamics (Feynman diagram) view of the energy loss amplitude for a bottom quark jet moving toward the left in a quark-gluon plasma that radiates a few gluons. This takes place in our usual flat four-dimensional spacetime. (Right) The dual holographic anti-de Sitter view of a rightward moving supersonic bottom quark jet modeled as string drag in a curved ten-dimensional AdS5×S5 spacetime equipped with a flat three-dimensional black hole. The energy loss can be observed as energy stress shock waves and sound waves in the flat four-dimensional boundary on top. The black hole horizon, shown displaced in the depths of the fifth dimension, is the geometric analog of the hot uniform plasma. The bottom quark is represented as a string with one end attached to a higher dimensional “D7” brane between the horizon and the boundary (not illustrated).