Figure 1
Illustration: Carin Cain, based on data in [1, 5] and calculations in [2]

Figure 1: A chart of the nuclides, zoomed in on the region of the superheavy nuclei and showing the two isotopes of the new element 117 and their decay chains (white lines) [1, 5]. The chart shows both expected (calculated) regions of stability [2], as indicated by a higher fission barrier Bf (darker purple) and the elements that have been created in the laboratory to date (colored squares). All of the nuclei lie near the valley of stability above the grey line; nuclei near the grey line are stable against β decay. Compound nuclei, created by bombarding heavy elements with lighter ones, are in blue and marked with *. The nuclei in the chart decay by α emission (yellow), spontaneous fission (green), and β+ emission (pink).