Figure 1
Adapted from Ref. [10]

Figure 1: Skyrmion vortex textures of the orbital anisotropy vector l̂ in rotating bulk superfluid 3He-A. The unit vector l̂ points in the direction of the orbital angular momentum of the Cooper pair. The spatial distribution of its orientations is called the texture of the orbital part of the superfluid order parameter, which generates the superfluid vorticity. Here the l̂ orientations are shown in the transverse xy plane. In the perpendicular direction, parallel to the angular velocity of rotation Ω, the textures are translationally invariant. (Left) Unit cell of the zero-magnetic field skyrmion lattice consisting of four objects called merons, two of which are circular and two are hyperbolic. Each meron represents a vortex with a single quantum of circulation and thus the unit cell carries four quanta of circulation. In the circular vortex-meron l̂∥Ω in the center, while in the hyperbolic vortex-meron l̂∥-Ω in the center. (Right) Unit cell of the vortex sheet with a linear chain of alternating circular and hyperbolic merons confined within a domain-wall-like structure, shown in its equilibrium configuration in a rotating container at bottom right.