Figure 3

Figure 3: Observations of Efimov resonances in optically trapped gases of ultracold cesium. The panel on the left-hand side shows experimental results [24] on atomic three-body recombination, where a prominent triatomic Efimov resonance shows up for a<0; here loss is expressed in terms of a recombination length ρL31/4 [22]. The filled circles represent measurements taken at 10 nK, while the other data have been taken between 200 and 450 nK. The panel on the right-hand side displays the two-body loss rate coefficient β measured for inelastic atom-dimer collisions [26] at two different temperatures, 40 nK (open triangles) and 170 nK (filled squares). Here a prominent atom-dimer Efimov resonance shows up for a>0. The solid lines represent fits based on universal effective-field theory [28, 27].