Figure 3
APS/A. B. Kuklov et al.

Figure 3: Schematic diagram for the Ray and Hallock setup [43] depicting the superclimb effect [44]. The main rectangle features solid 4He, containing an edge dislocation with the superfluid core shown as the thick blue line. Dashed lines outline the Vycor “electrodes” (or, more precisely, “heliumrodes”) protruding from the liquid 4He reservoirs (rectangles atop of the Vycor) into the solid. The “electrodes” feed superfluid 4He (shown in blue) from the reservoirs to the dislocation core. As the level of superfluid in the reservoirs decreases (shown by the grey arrows), the core climbs upward (in the direction of the red arrow) which results in building up the extra plane of atoms shown by red hatching.