Kim Krieger

Kim Krieger is a freelance science writer in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Kim Krieger Published May 8, 2003

Soft Matter

Water can play a dual role in granular mixtures, encouraging mixing in some situations but discouraging it in others.
Kim Krieger Published April 20, 2012

Materials Science

A spherically symmetric interaction force between particles can cause them to self-assemble into a surprisingly asymmetric (chiral) pattern in two dimensions, according to simulations.

Kim Krieger Published May 11, 2012

Materials Science

Metallic glasses, new materials that are strong and durable, are not entirely disordered on the atomic scale but can have regions of near-crystalline order.

Kim Krieger Published July 6, 2012

Fluid Dynamics | Geophysics

Surprisingly uniform layers that form in the ocean result from salt fingers—long, vertical tubes of water with salt content different from their surroundings—according to simulations.

Kim Krieger Published October 26, 2012

Interdisciplinary Physics

A simple robot demonstrates the timing and motion necessary to make the highest jumps, with parallels to human jumping.

Kim Krieger Published January 18, 2013

Fluid Dynamics | Soft Matter | Statistical Physics

An equation that describes a wide array of phenomena can be directly tested by watching the equivalent of a drying coffee drip.

Kim Krieger Published July 18, 2014

Biological Physics | Acoustics

A medical imaging technique uses electric and magnetic fields to generate vibrations in tissues and measure their mechanical stiffness in a new way.