Marcus Woo

Marcus Woo is a freelance science writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marcus Woo Published January 15, 2008

Soft Matter

A pair of colliding water droplets merges on the rebound, rather than when they’re squeezing against each other. The results should improve understanding of the separation process of oil-water mixtures important in industry.
Marcus Woo Published June 28, 2013

Semiconductor Physics | Mesoscopics | Optoelectronics

Nanoparticles previously thought to glow in only a single color turn out to produce a rainbow of hues, making them more useful for highly efficient electronic displays.

Marcus Woo Published July 29, 2013

Atomic and Molecular Physics | Particles and Fields

An experiment that searched for violations of relativity with unprecedented precision may lead to new probes of phenomena beyond standard physics theories.

Marcus Woo Published January 3, 2014

Quantum Physics

Theorists quantum mechanically describe an apparatus that would measure interactions among a single photon, an atom, and quantum-scale vibrations of a macroscopic object.

Marcus Woo Published August 8, 2014

Soft Matter

In a proposed scheme for a polymer coating, the surface could change its properties in less than a second.