Paul D. Cottle

Paul Cottle received his Ph.D. in physics from Yale University in 1986 for a study of high spin behavior in 219,220Ra and 216Rn. He joined the Florida State University Physics faculty that year and has continued there since then. He was named an NSF Presidential Young Investigator in 1987. His research presently focuses on the structure of exotic nuclei and includes experiments at both FSU’s Fox Superconducting Linear Accelerator Laboratory and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University. He is serving as Chair-Elect of the American Physical Society’s Forum on Education.

Kirby W. Kemper, Paul D. Cottle Published February 8, 2010

Nuclear Physics

Observation of a two-neutron halo in 22C makes it the heaviest “Borromean” nucleus yet observed.

Paul D. Cottle, Kirby W. Kemper Published April 30, 2012

Nuclear Physics

Measurements of radioactive, neutron-rich isotopes of argon are paving the way for experiments at new facilities that will explore the neutron dripline.