Simon Cornish

Photo of Simon Cornish

Simon Cornish received his D.Phil. in experimental atomic and laser physics from Oxford University in 1998. He was then awarded a Lindemann Fellowship and moved to Boulder, Colorado, to work on Bose-Einstein condensation with Carl Wieman. In 2001 he returned to Oxford University as a postdoctoral researcher and in 2002 was awarded a prestigious University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society. In 2004 he moved to Durham University where he now leads a research group working in the field of ultracold quantum matter. His current interests include the study of bright matter-wave solitons, the formation of ultracold heteronuclear molecules, and the applications of neutral atoms and molecules to quantum computation and precision measurement.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Viewpoint: From atoms to molecules (and back)

Atoms colliding in a magnetic field can form weakly bound states called Feshbach molecules. These states have now been used in combination with advanced laser techniques to create tightly bound ground-state molecules close to quantum degeneracy. Read More »