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Arts & Culture

Surprising Colors with Scotch Tape

A physicist’s do-it-yourself art project makes vibrant images with a pair of polarizers and carefully placed layers of transparent tape. Read More »

Research News

Breakthrough Prize for the Physics of Quantum Information…and of Cells

This year’s Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics went to four pioneers of quantum information science. Physics also had a stake in the Breakthrough Prize for life sciences. Read More »


Going Beyond Fermi’s Golden Rule

Researchers have calculated the likelihood that a quantum state will decay when its evolution is inhibited by a dearth of final states. Read More »


Shining Light on Electron Microscopy

A new method that uses laser light to both generate and shape electron beams could improve the resolution of electron microscopy. Read More »


Wind Farms Perform Under Pressure

Simulations show that negative wind shear can reduce the power output of wind farms. Read More »


Optimizing Flow Speed is Essential for the Gut

Fluid dynamics simulations suggest that the varying flow speed inside the small intestine maximizes nutrient absorption while minimizing excess bacteria. Read More »


New Qubit Enters the Quantum-Computer Arena

A new type of superconducting qubit could solve a “crowding” problem that hinders the development of superconducting quantum computers with large numbers of qubits. Read More »


Information as Thermodynamic Fuel

A “filtering” algorithm allows information engines to perform efficiently even when they are subjected to high noise. Read More »

Research News

Plant-Based Strategy for Harvesting Light

A new photodetector design borrows its light-gathering architecture from plants, offering a potential path to more efficient solar cells. Read More »

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