Davide Castelvecchi

Photo of Davide Castelvecchi

Davide Castelvecchi is a freelance science writer in Rome.


Focus: A Microscope from Flatland

A new technique could dramatically improve the resolution of ordinary light microscopes. Read More »

Physical Chemistry

Focus: Mystery of Isotope Separation in Lava is Solved

Classical physics explains why isotopes segregate in molten rock. Read More »

Quantum Information

Focus: Photon Pairs Get More Commercial

A semiconductor chip that generates entangled photon pairs is friendlier to integration with other chip-based quantum components than any previous device. Read More »

Fluid Dynamics

Focus: Ancient Rainfall, Carved in Stone

Mysterious ripples on stalactites are explained by a theory that includes the dripping water’s fluid dynamics. The results could help researchers reconstruct ancient precipitation records. Read More »


Focus: Black Holes May Produce Lithium

Theorists predict that the matter surrounding some black holes may be hot enough for nuclear fusion, which could generate lithium and deepen the mysteries surrounding lithium in the universe. Read More »