Nicola Spaldin Selected as Lead Editor of Physical Review Research

We are delighted to announce Professor Nicola Spaldin of ETH Zürich, Switzerland has been appointed Lead Editor of Physical Review Research, the new fully open access, multidisciplinary APS journal launching in 2019.

Nicola Spaldin is the Professor of Materials Theory at the ETH Zürich, which she joined following a Ph.D. in Chemistry at UC Berkeley, postdoctoral work in Applied Physics at Yale University, and a Professorship in the Materials Department at UC Santa Barbara. Her research develops and applies electronic structure methods to understand and design materials with coupled and competing electronic, magnetic and structural instabilities.

Her honors include the APS McGroddy Prize for New Materials and the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science award. She is a Fellow of the APS, a Fellow of the Royal Society and Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering. When not trying to make a room-temperature superconductor, she can be found playing her clarinet, or skiing or climbing in the Alps.

“It’s clear that the scientific publishing landscape is evolving rapidly, and I think it’s essential that society publishers take the lead in exploring new models and in ensuring high editorial standards,” says Spaldin. “I’m excited about the multi- and interdisciplinary focus of Physical Review Research and hope that it will provide a home for physicists and friends that didn’t previously feel that they belonged in the Physical Review family.”

Physical Review Research will soon be announcing additional appointments of Editors and Editorial Board members as it continues to build a diverse and global team to cover the topical breadth and geographic range of this multidisciplinary, international peer-reviewed journal.

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