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Postcards from Abroad

Physics 12, 121
A new series of articles will look at how history, culture, and current events are shaping physics in different countries.

Physics Magazine is launching a new series called Postcards, which will profile physics in a variety of countries.

History and culture don’t determine the laws of physics, but they can greatly influence the way a country approaches research and the kinds of problems it chooses to solve. The Postcard series will look at those influences in countries with a long physics history and in those where the field is just taking off.

Corresponding Editor Michael Schirber kicks off the series with Physics in Vietnam. Michael was there for the “Rencontres de Vietnam”—an offshoot of the famed particle physics meeting in the French Alps, “Recontres de Moriond.” In an accompanying Q&A, Michael interviews the father of the Rencontres conferences, Jean Trần Thanh Vân. And in Open Mic with Vietnamese Physicists, he reports on the perspectives of researchers at different stages of their careers.

–Jessica Thomas, Editor

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