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Frequency Combs from Just One Mode

Experiments disprove the general assumption that more than one wave mode is needed to produce a spectral pattern called a frequency comb. Read More »


Dark Matter as an Intergalactic Heat Source

Spectra from quasars suggest that intergalactic gas may have been heated by a form of dark matter called dark photons. Read More »


Icicle Structure Reveals Growth Dynamics

Some icicles develop surface ripples as they grow. Researchers now explain the growth mechanism, but a full explanation remains elusive. Read More »

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Predicting Hemorrhagic Stroke

Patient-specific modeling could help clinicians determine whether an individual’s brain aneurysm is at risk of bursting. Read More »


A Conformal Map Model for Leaf Growth

Physicists have shown that a mathematical transformation called a conformal map can be used to predict how leaves grow. Read More »

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Honeybee Tongue Hair Linked to Nectar-Collection Efficiency

The length and diameter of the hairs on a honeybee’s tongue determine how efficiently it can collect nectar from different flowers, a finding that could help communities plant the right flowers for this declining insect. Read More »


Probing the Limits of Nuclear Existence

Researchers have discovered the heaviest-known bound isotope of sodium and characterized other neutron-rich isotopes, offering important benchmarks for refining nuclear models. Read More »


Axion Miniclusters Might Be Microlenses

Asteroid-sized clumps of a dark matter candidate known as an axion could be detectable in a gravitational-microlensing survey. Read More »

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Expanding Universe in the Lab

Researchers control the speed of sound in an ultracold gas, mimicking features of a curved spacetime and reproducing quantum field behavior predicted in early Universe models. Read More »

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