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Plasma Physics

Viewpoint: Lining Up for Wakefield Acceleration

A proposed design for plasma accelerators would use line-focused laser pulses to overcome the problem of particles outrunning the acceleration region. Read More »


Synopsis: Better Electron Bunches for X-Ray Lasers

Researchers show that they can better shape an electron bunch by using a hollow laser beam, something that could allow them to generate brighter x rays for x-ray free-electron lasers. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Viewpoint: Finding Spin Hedgehogs in Chiral Crystals

The observation of radial spin texture in chiral tellurium crystals could lead to greater control over electron transport.  Read More »


Big Labs Replace Data Taking with New Priorities

Large research facilities have curtailed data collection and shut their doors—but their scientists are busier than ever, and some have joined the fight against COVID-19. Read More »


Physicists, Share Your Experiences

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting you? Read More »

Soft Matter

Focus: Some Granular Columns Weigh Too Much

Particles packed inside a cylinder can experience a downward force from the walls, resulting in an apparent weight increase. Read More »


Q&A: Monitoring Volcanic Eruptions Using Lightning

Volcanologist Alexa Van Eaton explains the origins of electrical activity in volcanic ash plumes and why it sometimes leads to detectable lightning. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Synopsis: A Recipe for Finding Fractons

A new theory proposes an experimental approach to spotting fractons. Read More »

Materials Science

Viewpoint: Deadlocked Order and Disorder in the Strongest Metals

The peak strength of a metal occurs when the boundaries between its grains and the grains themselves have the same strength. Read More »

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