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Q&A: Inside a Cell’s Engine Room

George Shubeita describes his studies of the tiny motors that transport vital cargoes within biological cells. Read More »


Synopsis: Attosecond X-Ray Flashes

X-ray free-electron lasers have been used to generate single spikes of hard x rays that are only 200 attoseconds long. Read More »

Particles and Fields

Viewpoint: Trapped Ions Test Fundamental Particle Physics

New precision experiments using trapped molecular ions provide an alternative method for determining if the electron has an electric dipole moment. Read More »


Focus: Three-Way Detection of Gravitational Waves

The first simultaneous detection of gravitational radiation by the LIGO and Virgo detectors greatly improves localization of the source and permits a novel test of general relativity. Read More »

Semiconductor Physics

Synopsis: The Dichalcogenide Gets Two Faces

Electric fields applied on either side of a thin, semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenide create a superconducting layer atop a metallic layer within the material. Read More »


Arts & Culture: Going Big with Butterfly Wings

UK artist Paul Evans makes the hidden world of biological color-producing nanostructures visible with his butterfly-inspired art installation. Read More »

Biological Physics

Synopsis: Twisting DNA Locates its Defects

Single base-pair mismatches in DNA can be pinpointed by twisting the molecule until it buckles. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Viewpoint: A New Spin on Ultracold Molecules

The creation of ultracold molecules that have both an electric and a magnetic dipole moment offers new ways to explore physics in the many-body quantum regime. Read More »

Fluid Dynamics

Focus: Video—Fluid Video Contest Winners

Swimming starfish larvae, dripping paint, and swirling gas jets are featured in the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics’ winning videos. Read More »

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