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Imperfections Lower the Simulation Cost of Quantum Computers

Classical computers can efficiently simulate the behavior of quantum computers if the quantum computer is imperfect enough. Read More »


Hints of Cosmic Birefringence?

A new analysis of the cosmic microwave background shows that its polarization may be rotated by exotic effects indicating beyond-standard-model physics. Read More »


Watching Wood Dry

Combining x-ray and MRI techniques leads to a microscopic explanation for the process by which water escapes from wood. Read More »

Research News

AI Tools Boost Simple Technologies in a Shared World

Bicycles and indoor lighting are among many everyday features that can benefit from recent advances in artificial intelligence. Read More »


The Sounds of Levitating Water Droplets

Leidenfrost drops suspended above a hot surface by a thin layer of vapor emit periodic sounds in a similar way to pipe organs. Read More »


Bringing Quantum to Machine Learning

Maria Schuld reflects on the open questions about quantum machine-learning algorithms. Read More »


Affirming the Bott Index

A useful metric for characterizing the topological behavior of fermions can be extended to bosonic systems as well. Read More »

Special Feature

How to Decolonize South African Physics

South African researchers explain why and how their country’s physics should be untethered from its colonial past. Read More »


Physics in South Africa

South Africa is hunting for students in booming sectors of physics, including astronomy, optics, and nuclear physics.  Read More »

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