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Biological Physics

Synopsis: Soft Biological Tissues Can Be Piezoelectric

Artery walls, tendons, and heart valves can generate an electric voltage when squeezed—an effect that could be harnessed to diagnose important diseases. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Viewpoint: Phonon Heat Transport Near the Melting Point

Molecular dynamics simulations can fully describe phonon propagation in aluminum, which could enable accurate predictions of phonon thermal conductivity. Read More »


20 Years of Cosmic Rays at Pierre Auger

Hundreds of researchers from around the world head to Argentina to celebrate the groundbreaking anniversary of the world’s largest cosmic-ray observatory. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Synopsis: Three-Body Interactions, Not So Universal After All

Precision measurements with ultracold gases provide evidence that three-body bound states depend on atom-specific two-body interactions. Read More »


Video Prize Dominated by Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Animal figures made of salt, drops bouncing off cones, and flower-shaped films win the top video prize from the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics. Read More »


Postcard: Physics in Argentina

A history of economic ups and downs has made Argentinian scientists resilient—and creative—in times of financial crisis. Read More »


Viewpoint: The Heat in Antiferromagnetic Switching

New experiments suggest that heat might be responsible for the current-induced voltage signals measured in antiferromagnets, and not a rotation of the material’s spins as previously thought. Read More »


Q&A: Using Quantum Tricks to Scan the Brain

Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Álvarez aim to extract more detail from medical images by using tools originally designed to protect quantum information. Read More »

Biological Physics

Synopsis: Vessel Dilation Controls Metabolite Flow in the Brain

A new model predicts that the network pattern formed by the brain’s blood vessels plays no role in local metabolite transport, finding instead that vessel dilation is the key. Read More »

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