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Machine Learning Makes High-Resolution Imaging Practical

A new acoustic technique involving machine learning could lead to cheaper and faster high-resolution medical imaging. Read More »


Limits on Purifying Quantum States

A new theoretical study identifies fundamental tradeoffs that limit the amount of noise reduction in quantum information systems. Read More »


Small Spheres Freeze When Hot

An optofluidic effect causes a group of fluid-suspended particles to “freeze” when one of them is heated, potentially allowing greater control over these systems. Read More »


Speaking up for Mental Health

Three advocates for combatting mental-health issues in academia share ideas for making a more supportive community. Read More »


Microwave Manipulation of Cold Molecules

Interactions between molecules can be tuned using microwaves, a finding that could be leveraged for studying quantum systems. Read More »


Letters to the Editor—August 3, 2020

Physicists returning to the lab after the long shutdown describe the odd feeling of being back and a new appreciation for the social aspect of science. Read More »


City Sizes May Affect Blackout Probabilities

The probabilities of electricity blackouts may be influenced by the sizes of cities more than by the details of power grids. Read More »


The Complex Variability of Climate

Climate scientist Michael Ghil describes gaps in our understanding of climate change.   Read More »


Coldest Electrons Ever from Photocathodes

Researchers have generated the coldest electrons to date from solid-state photocathodes, an achievement that could improve electron sources for particle accelerators and ultrafast electron microscopy applications. Read More »

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