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How to Cut into a Material More Smoothly

A theory confirmed by experiments explains what has been an unpredictable cutting process. Read More »


Opening the Black Box of Peer Review

More transparency in the peer review process will help researchers to study peer review and improve its quality and fairness. Read More »


The Microscopic Dynamics of Biomolecular Condensates

A physical description of the trajectories of single molecules suggests a new way to study a biologically important subcellular environment. Read More »


How an Active Liquid Wets a Surface

The conditions that make liquid stick to a permeable membrane could elucidate how bacteria form films, and help researchers design tiny swimming robots. Read More »


A Faster Atomic Compass

An update to the polarization of the laser light used in an atom-based compass allows the technology to reveal the 3D alignment of a magnetic field in one snapshot rather than many. Read More »

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Ignition First in a Fusion Reaction

In August, a fusion reaction at the National Ignition Facility yielded a record 1.3 MJ in fusion energy, releasing, for the first time, more energy than the fuel capsule absorbed. Read More »

Research News

Complex Droplets and Interacting Bubbles Receive Video Prize

An annual APS video prize went to research on the breakup of fluid filaments, the jet produced by a bubble pair, and the surprising patterns that a 2D flow can create. Read More »


New Moiré Landscapes for Atomic Spins

The interactions of the spins of single atoms with a substrate can be controlled via the moiré lattice created by depositing a 2D material on top of the substrate. Read More »


Dark Matter Hunter

XinRan Liu develops technology for dark matter detectors, which he hopes will soon be spotting these mysterious particles. Read More »

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