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The Gambler, Maxwell’s New Demon

In a new version of Maxwell’s demon, the tiny being plays the role of a gambler who knows when to quit. Read More »


A 4D Fusion Puzzle

Duco Jansen explains how he, along with engineers at the ITER fusion experiment, will position 1000-ton parts shipped in from the four corners of the globe. Read More »


Holding on to a Cold Plasma

Researchers have demonstrated that an ultracold neutral plasma can be magnetically confined, paving the way toward experiments that simulate its hot astrophysical counterparts. Read More »


The Tiniest Superfluid Circuit in Nature

A new analysis of heavy-ion collision experiments uncovers evidence that two colliding nuclei behave like a Josephson junction—a device in which Cooper pairs tunnel through a barrier between two superfluids. Read More »


How a Microorganism Corkscrews While It Breaststrokes

High-speed imaging and simulations show that the single-celled organism called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii beats its flagella on separate planes, explaining how it generates its helical movement. Read More »


The Entangled Dance of Atom Beams

Entangled pairs of ultracold atoms interfere in a double waveguide. Read More »


Ion Microscopy Goes Quantum

Researchers have developed an ion-optics-based quantum microscope that has sufficient resolution to image individual atoms. Read More »


An Atom Pushed to Its Speed Limit

Researchers have transported an atom between two locations in the shortest possible time, an achievement that has implications for quantum technologies. Read More »


Distorting Nuclear Mirror

Two “mirror” nuclei, in which the numbers of neutrons and protons are interchanged, have markedly different shapes—a finding that defies current nuclear theories. Read More »

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