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A Particle is Born: Making the Higgs Famous

Science communicators had a field day with the 2012 Higgs discovery, as it offered a chance to energize the public about fundamental physics research. Read More »


Defects Control Silica’s Viscosity

The quirky temperature dependence of liquid silica’s viscosity comes from the liquid equivalent of crystal defects, according to new simulations. Read More »


A Step Closer to Detecting Ancient Neutrinos

Using radioactive tritium, scientists improve laboratory constraints on the overdensity signal of cosmic relic neutrinos by a factor of 100, an advance that should improve the chances of spotting this elusive particle. Read More »


Mirror Image Pinpoints a Nanoparticle’s Position

A scattered laser beam’s interaction with itself creates a motion-detection method precise enough to determine whether a trapped particle is in its ground state. Read More »


X-Ray Fireworks Linked to Fast Radio Bursts

Predictions indicate that when a neutron star radiates a burst of radio waves, interactions of the burst with the star’s magnetic field should produce observable x rays. Read More »


Manipulating Objects Using Air Bubbles and Sound Waves

Centimeter-scale objects in liquid can be manipulated using the mutual attraction of two arrays of air bubbles in the presence of sound waves. Read More »

Research News

Brighter Color-Shifting Ink for 3D Printers

Researchers have developed a more vibrant iridescent ink for 3D printers, bringing increased sparkle and shine to the otherwise lackluster objects these devices create. Read More »


Nanoquantization Fills Gap in Battery Technology

By considering the quantized storage of electrons on nanoparticles, researchers have shown theoretically that it is possible to combine the advantages of two complementary energy-storage methods. Read More »

Research News

Physicists Set their Sights on Curbing US Methane Emissions

In a report published today, physicists make recommendations for ways to improve the monitoring of industrial methane emissions, something they say could have a significant impact on climate change. Read More »

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