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Electrical Control of the “Valley”

Researchers show that they can electrically switch which energy valley electrons occupy in a solid, a key step toward enabling a “valleytronics” approach to information applications. Read More »


Dark Matter Detector Delivers Enigmatic Signal

Are the excess events detected by the XENON1T experiment a harbinger of new physics or a mundane background? Read More »


Theorists React to Potential Signal in Dark Matter Detector

A tantalizing signal reported by the XENON1T dark matter experiment has sparked theorists to investigate explanations involving new physics. Read More »


A Deeper Understanding of Quantum Thermal Machines

A new theoretical description of how thermal machines work in the quantum regime provides a guide to increasing their efficiency.  Read More »


Toward a Perfect Single-Photon Source

Semiconductor quantum dot emits photons that are squeezed below the fundamental noise limit. Read More »


Nobel Prize: Facing the Reality of Black Holes

Three scientists were recognized for proving that gravitational collapse can lead to a black hole and for observing the supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Read More »


Hot “Pasta” Beneath a Star’s Crust

Simulations find that pasta phases beneath a neutron star’s crust could dominate the star’s neutrino emission. Read More »


Hat Trick Observation for Bosons

The CMS Collaboration confirms that certain particle-smashing events produce three massive bosons. Read More »


Exploring Futures for Particle Physics

Particle physicists in the US are embarking on a year-long community study to examine options for the future landscape of their field. Read More »

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