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A Shared Quantum Rhythm

Using a light pulse, researchers sync up phases in quantum states of roughly a million rubidium atoms, thus demonstrating quantum synchronization for the first time.   Read More »


Building Novel Carbon Allotropes

Calculations indicate that a form of carbon synthesized from pentagonal hydrocarbon molecules could have unusual electrical and mechanical properties. Read More »

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The Key Device Needed for a Quantum Internet

As researchers worldwide work toward a potential quantum internet, a major roadblock remains: How to build a device called a quantum repeater. Read More »

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Black Hole Imaging Tests Einstein’s Limits

Sharper images and movies of black holes will allow researchers to probe important physics theories and concepts, including general relativity, in new ways. Read More »


When Politics and Particles Collide

For particle physicist Yangyang Cheng, politics and science are clearly intertwined; it’s political ideals that make open scientific collaboration possible. Read More »


Possible Flare from Black Hole Merger

Astronomers have detected a brightening of a distant quasar that coincided with a potential gravitational-wave signature of a pair of merging black holes. Read More »


Longer Lived Molecules

Researchers merge two atoms into a molecule that has a precise, reversible quantum state and that lives long enough to measure.  Read More »


A Quantum Signature for the Cosmos

Certain galaxy patterns might encode whether the Universe’s primordial density fluctuations were quantum or classical in nature. Read More »


Cooling a Spin Relaxation Hot Spot

The rate at which electron spins relax in silicon quantum dots is controlled by the strength and direction of external magnetic fields. Read More »

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