Barry Zink

Photo of Barry Zink

Professor Barry L. Zink leads a research group at the University of Denver focusing on measurements of heat, charge, and spin transport in thin films and nanostructures.  These measurements are often enabled by micro- and nanomachined thermal isolation platforms that use free-standing, silicon nitride membranes. Barry completed his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego, in 2002 and has since earned honors including the Piercy Distinguished Visiting Professorship (University of Minnesota), the NSF CAREER award, and the NRC Postdoctoral award.  His group’s current projects range from developing new materials for small-scale cooling and energy conversion to understanding how spin travels in disordered magnetic systems.


The Heat in Antiferromagnetic Switching

New experiments suggest that heat might be responsible for the current-induced voltage signals measured in antiferromagnets, and not a rotation of the material’s spins as previously thought. Read More »