Caterina Vozzi

Photo of Caterina Vozzi

Caterina Vozzi is a research officer of the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the Italian National Research Council (IFN-CNR) in Italy. She completed her Ph.D. in 2005 at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her research activity has mainly focused on high-order harmonic generation and attosecond science. Her current scientific interests are high-order harmonic generation by IR parametric sources for application to time-resolved spectroscopy and investigation of strong field phenomena in atomic and molecular science.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Viewpoint: Coherent Control of Chemical Reactions on the Attosecond Time Scale

Light pulses with few optical cycles and defined carrier-envelope phase can induce selective photofragmentation of molecules on the attosecond timescale. Read More »