Kenji Ohmori

Photo of Kenji Ohmori

Kenji Ohmori is a Professor at the Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in Okazaki, Japan, where he is also the Chairman of the Department of Photo-Molecular Science. After receiving his Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo in 1992, he was a Research Associate and an Associate Professor at Tohoku University. In 2003 he was appointed a Full Professor at IMS. His research interests focus on exploring the quantum-classical boundary and developing quantum technology based on the wave nature of matter. He is currently leading a JST-CREST project in which he combines an ensemble of ultracold Rydberg atoms and ultrafast coherent control to look into the dynamics in the transition from a delocalized wave function to a localized particle. He has been honored with the Japan Academy Medal (2007), JSPS Prize (2007), is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (2009), and has received the Humboldt Research Award (2012).

Atomic and Molecular Physics

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