Marcus Woo

Photo of Marcus Woo

Marcus Woo is a freelance science writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Soft Matter

Focus: To Merge, Drops Must Separate

A pair of colliding water droplets merges on the rebound, rather than when they’re squeezing against each other. The results should improve understanding of the separation process of oil-water mixtures important in industry. Read More »

Semiconductor Physics

Focus: A Quantum Dot Shows Its True Colors

Nanoparticles previously thought to glow in only a single color turn out to produce a rainbow of hues, making them more useful for highly efficient electronic displays. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Focus: Testing Relativity Using Earth’s Motion

An experiment that searched for violations of relativity with unprecedented precision may lead to new probes of phenomena beyond standard physics theories. Read More »

Quantum Physics

Focus: Device Couples Light to Atom and Quantum Motion

Theorists quantum mechanically describe an apparatus that would measure interactions among a single photon, an atom, and quantum-scale vibrations of a macroscopic object. Read More »

Soft Matter

Focus: Changing Surface Properties in a Flash

In a proposed scheme for a polymer coating, the surface could change its properties in less than a second. Read More »