Michael Zeller

Photo of Michael Zeller

Michael Zeller is an experimental elementary particle physicist concentrating on weak interactions employing K mesons. His experimental work has been mostly at Brookhaven’s Alternating Gradient Synchrotron, although he has also performed experiments at SLAC, Fermilab, and CERN. He has been Chairman of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society, was a member of the C-11 commission representing the U.S. to the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. He has served on many national planning and advisory committees, including HEPAP and several laboratory advisory committees. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society. As a professor and educator he has received both teaching prizes awarded to Yale faculty. He frequently has been invited to give popular lectures to high school and elementary teachers in the New Haven area. He recently retired from the Yale faculty and spends his time reading, studying, and doing those things he has meant to do for many years.


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