Norman J. Wagner

Photo of Norman J. Wagner

Norman Wagner leads an active research team at the University of Delaware that studies the rheology and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of complex fluids. He also heads the Center for Neutron Science, a cooperative agreement with the National Center for Neutron Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His research has led to inventions such as novel rheo-light scattering and rheo-SANS (small angle neutron scattering) devices, as well as STF-Armorâ„¢ (

Soft Matter

Viewpoint: How colloidal dispersions relax under stress

A shear force can melt a colloidal glass, causing it to flow in a highly nonlinear fashion. Physicists have now found a way to put the description of this type of flow on a more formal theoretical footing. Read More »