Philippe Bouyer

Photo of Philippe Bouyer

Philippe Bouyer is the director of the LP2N laboratory in Bordeaux. He received his doctorate at Ecole Normale Supérieure in 1995 and was then a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford during which he worked on atom interferometer-based inertial sensor experiments. He joined CNRS and the Institut d’Optique Graduate School in 1996, where he worked on atom lasers and Anderson localization with cold atoms. He is the cofounder of MUQUANS, a company selling atomic gravimeters and atomic clocks. His current interests are the study of quantum simulators with ultracold atoms and the development of atom interferometers for testing general relativity in space or detecting gravity fields and gravitational waves underground. He is the recipient of the 2012 Louis D award of the French academy.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

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