Sara Bolognesi

Photo of Sara Bolognesi

Sara Bolognesi is a staff physicist at the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU) of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Saclay. She received her Ph.D. in 2008 from the University of Turin, Italy. She did postdoctoral work at CERN in Switzerland and Johns Hopkins University and Fermilab, both in the US. She worked on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider where she contributed to detector commissioning and to the Higgs discovery. She then moved to work on neutrino physics with the T2K experiment in 2013. Today, she is the analysis coordinator for T2K and the leader of the IRFU group working on neutrinos from accelerators. Bolognesi is a recipient of the Thibaud Prize of the Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts of Lyon and of the Emmy Noether Award from the European Physical Society.


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