For Journalists

As a service to authors and journalists, Physics promotes press-worthy papers from the APS journal collection to the media.

Members of the media* can sign up to receive a weekly email with a Tip Sheet (see an example here) about upcoming papers. The full papers will be made available upon request. Unless otherwise noted, papers listed on the Tip Sheet are not embargoed.

*Eligibility. Credentialed journalists, editors or freelancers writing for daily or weekly publication(s) and Public Information Officers (PIOs) from research institutions are eligible to receive the APS Physics Press Tip Sheet.

To subscribe to the APS Physics Press Tip Sheet, please contact:

Matteo Rini, PhD
Deputy Editor for Physics and Media Contact for the APS Editorial Offices

For Public Information Officers (PIOs)

PIOs are notified when Physics highlights research conducted by authors at their institutions, and when articles from their affiliated institutions are judged to be of special media interest and advertised through the APS Physics Tip Sheet.

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