About Physics

Physics provides daily online-only news and commentary about a selection of papers from the APS journal collection. The website is aimed at the reader who wants to keep up with highlights of physics research with explanations that don’t rely on jargon and technical detail.

Visitors to the Physics website will find several types of articles:

To contact the Physics editors please write to: physics@aps.org

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How are papers selected for coverage?

Papers are selected based on a number of criteria, the most important of which is broad interest. Papers must also be technically sound and have a clear element of novelty. Examples of suitable papers include experimental breakthroughs, theories that inspire a new perspective, applications-oriented research and physics of the everyday. The selection of papers is made in consultation with journal editors and outside experts.

Many excellent papers don’t get covered in Physics because they would likely only be of interest to a narrow slice of the physics community.

What is the difference between Viewpoints, Synopses, and Focus stories?

All of these articles cover new papers. The main differences are who writes them and the intended audience.

Can I submit an article to Physics?

All of the articles in Physics are commissioned by the Physics editors; direct submissions are not accepted. However, suggestions for topics or events to cover can be submitted to physics@aps.org.

How do I comment on an article?

Please send any comments to physics@aps.org.

Physics is free, but what about the papers it covers?

No journal subscription is needed to read Physics, but some of the papers covered by Physics articles can only be viewed with a journal subscription. All papers covered by a Viewpoint are made freely available from the ‘PDF (free)’ link in the grey box at the top of the article. Papers covered in Focus stories and Synopses in general require a subscription, unless the papers are explicitly open-access.

How can I keep up with Physics?

Email alerts: To receive weekly email alerts about new content, log on to your journal account at journals.aps.org. Under “Email Alerts & RSS,” choose “Physics News and Commentary.”

To create a new journal account, visit journals.aps.org/signup.

RSS Feed: Visit http://journals.aps.org/feeds and click on the RSS icon next to Physics.

Social Media: Follow Physics on twitter at @APSPhysicsEd or on the APS Physics Facebook page.

How do I cite a Physics article?

Examples for each of our article types:

J. Wu, "Controlling a Molecule’s Fate," Physics 7, 36 (2014).

Focus article*
D. Lindley, "Theorists Weigh in on BICEP2," Physics 7, 65 (2014).

M. Schirber, "Direct Test of Cosmic Acceleration," Physics July 24 2014.

Notes from the Editors
J. Thomas, "Bargaining for a Better Helium Deal," Physics 7, 75 (2014).

Trends (discontinued)
C. W. Wolgemuth, "Does Cell Biology Need Physicists?" Physics 4, (2011).

*Focus existed as a stand-alone web publication (focus.aps.org) from 1998 until Oct. 20th, 2011, when it became a section in Physics. Focus articles published prior to Oct. 20th, 2011 should be cited as this example: Phys. Rev. Focus 1, 1 (1998).

Can I reuse an image from Physics?

Requests for permission to reuse an image from a Physics article should be directed to physics@aps.org.