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Complex Systems

Synopsis: Debts and Financial Crises

A model of a banking network predicts the balance of high- and low-priority debts that ensures financial stability. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Synopsis: Chip-Size Beam Splitter for Electrons

A new electron beam splitter that fits on a millimeter-sized chip could allow quantum optics experiments with free electrons. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Viewpoint: Making a Molecular Movie with X Rays

Femtosecond x-ray pulses image structural changes in a molecule. Read More »


Notes from the Editors: Highlights from CLEO 2015

At the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics in San Jose, researchers presented a smartphone app that analyzes DNA, invisibility cloaks for classroom demos, and new optical techniques for studying the brain. Read More »


Focus: Pulses Give New Force to Probe Microscopy

A new technique in atomic force microscopy more accurately measures the electrostatic force between the probe and the surface. Read More »

Particles and Fields

Synopsis: Ripples in a BEC Pond

Atoms in a condensate could be used to image the quantum wave function of an impurity charge. Read More »

Quantum Information

Viewpoint: Polarizing Nuclear Spins in Silicon Carbide

An optical technique polarizes the spin of nuclei in silicon carbide, offering a potential new route to nuclear spin-based quantum memory. Read More »

Complex Systems

Synopsis: Finding Patient Zero

A new model could help narrow down the source of a disease outbreak. Read More »


Viewpoint: Trapped in a Photonic Maze

Strong confinement of light in crystalline structures known as Lieb lattices opens up routes to developing new light-trapping schemes. Read More »

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