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Notes from the Editors: Highlights from DAMOP 2015

The APS Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics meeting included presentations on using lasers to detect Earth-like planets, guiding fluid flow with light, and measuring the chemical reactions that produced the first organic molecules. Read More »


Synopsis: Meet the Topolariton

Quasiparticles dubbed topological polaritons make their debut in the theoretical world. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Synopsis: Looking for a Dark Matter Signal in Atomic Spectra

Scientists have now enlisted atomic spectroscopy in the hunt for dark matter. Read More »

Particles and Fields

Viewpoint: The Littlest Liquid

The plasma of quarks and gluons that forms when a proton collides with a lead nucleus has unexpected liquidlike properties. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Synopsis: Mid-Infrared Lasers Probe Atomic Structure

Researchers have imaged the structure and the response of atoms and molecules with powerful mid-infrared electric fields. Read More »


Focus: Energy Boost from Black Holes

Particles orbiting near a spinning black hole might collide and get ejected with much more energy than previous calculations showed. Read More »

Complex Systems

Synopsis: Debts and Financial Crises

A model of a banking network predicts the balance of high- and low-priority debts that ensures financial stability. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Synopsis: Chip-Size Beam Splitter for Electrons

A new electron beam splitter that fits on a millimeter-sized chip could allow quantum optics experiments with free electrons. Read More »

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Viewpoint: Making a Molecular Movie with X Rays

Femtosecond x-ray pulses image structural changes in a molecule. Read More »

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