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Quantum Information

Synopsis: Pinpointing Qubits in a 3D Lattice

Researchers manipulate atomic qubits individually in a three-dimensional optical lattice. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Viewpoint: Electrons Travel Between Loosely Bound Layers

Tungsten-ditelluride cleaves easily into atomically thin layers, but its electrons conduct almost isotropically, suggesting a rare case of good charge conduction across weak mechanical bonds. Read More »


Synopsis: Testing for Black Hole “Bumps”

Alternative gravity theories would result in “bumpy black holes,” which might be identifiable in x-ray observations. Read More »

Materials Science

Synopsis: Runaway Buckling

The buckling of mechanical beams under a compressive force can be tuned by adding holes into the beam. Read More »

Quantum Information

Viewpoint: Sending Quantum Messages Through Space

Fragile photon states useful for quantum communication can be faithfully transmitted and distinguished over a link between an orbiting satellite and a telescope on Earth. Read More »

Condensed Matter Physics

Viewpoint: Rescuing the Quasiparticle

Experiments with heavy-fermion materials show that quasiparticles exist at the critical point of a quantum phase transition. Read More »

Fluid Dynamics

Focus: Understanding a Spreading Puddle

Classical fluid theory can’t explain a puddle that spreads and then stops. A new theory solves the problem by incorporating intermolecular forces between the liquid and the solid underneath. Read More »

Quantum Information

Synopsis: Good Vibrations

With the assistance of lattice vibrations, quantum dots perform as single-photon emitters. Read More »

Notes from the Editors: Highlights from the Physics of Active Matter Conference

At the meeting, researchers presented new models to describe the developing wing of a young fly, colloidal particles that propel themselves, and the liquidlike behavior of cell colonies . Read More »

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