Shivaji L. Sondhi

Shivaji Sondhi is a Professor of Physics at Princeton University. He is a condensed matter theorist whose research has been primarily in the subset of the field concerned with quantum many-body physics. His current interests lie in the theory of topological phases, frustrated magnetism, and the statistical mechanics of quantum computation.

Fiona J. Burnell, Shivaji L. Sondhi Published June 15, 2009

Magnetism | Semiconductor Physics | Mesoscopics

The fractional quantum Hall effect, thought to be special to two dimensions, may also flourish in three, providing a possible explanation for anomalies observed in certain 3D materials in high magnetic fields.

Rahul Roy, Shivaji L. Sondhi Published June 6, 2011

Semiconductor Physics

Researchers develop models that could exhibit a fractional quantum Hall effect in the absence of an external magnetic field.