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Corners Are No Barrier to Imaging Tiny Objects

An update to a technique for imaging around corners allows researchers to capture objects out of the line of sight that have a width of a few human hairs, 100 times tinier than previous demonstrations. Read More »

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Pinpointing the Roots of Extreme Weather Events

A statistical method for fingerprinting the patterns of heat waves and cold spells could reveal whether climate change caused an extreme weather event. Read More »


Balding Black Holes Lose Their Magnetic Hair

First-principles plasma simulations show that black holes can’t keep their magnetic fields. Read More »


Tin Qubits Give Diamond a New Shine

Nanophotonic devices based on tin-vacancy qubits in diamond show promise as building blocks of quantum repeaters, an important step toward the realization of long-range quantum networks. Read More »


Ricocheting Waves Pinpoint an Object’s Location

An echo chamber captures small-scale information about an object without the need for up-close probing. Read More »


More than Just a Woman Physicist

Approaches that consider the intersection of multiple social and personal identities are urgently needed to understand why women are underrepresented in physics. Read More »

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Fixing a Physics Culture Problem

Efforts to improve the climate for women in physics departments take many forms. None should focus on changing its women, some physicists say. Read More »


Magnons Dampen Skyrmion Motion

Adding a friction term to models helps them better account for how spin textures evolve experimentally at room temperature. Read More »


Spin Control Without Magnetic Fields

Researchers demonstrate that they can control the polarization direction of a spin current without having to apply a magnetic field, which could aid in implementing energy-efficient spintronics devices. Read More »

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