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Merged Black Hole on the Run

Analysis of the gravitational waves from a black hole merger suggests that the final black hole received a kick that will send it out of its galaxy. Read More »

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First Image of the Milky Way’s Black Hole

Scientists have directly imaged Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Read More »


Controlling Single Photons with Rydberg Superatoms

New schemes based on Rydberg superatoms placed in optical cavities can be used to manipulate single photons with high efficiency. Read More »


Strong Magnetization Flattens a Fusion Implosion

A powerful external magnetic field can transform both the heat flow and the shape of the implosion associated with inertial-confinement fusion—a laser-driven fusion technique. Read More »

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Galactic Gamma-Ray Glow May Be Pulsars After All

A new simulation of the evolution of binary stars shows that previously neglected millisecond pulsars could explain the excess gamma-ray radiation seen in our Galaxy’s center. Read More »


Parametric Amplification for Silicon Quantum Devices

A new design based on the quantum capacitance of a silicon quantum dot could enable scalable, high-fidelity qubit readout. Read More »

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Rare Isotopes for the Choosing

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams opens its doors to experiments that will study the formation of heavy elements in the Universe and provide critical tests of nuclear theories. Read More »


Celebrating Black Holes

Each year, NASA and other organizations pick one week to celebrate one of Nature’s most enigmatic objects, the black hole. To mark the 2022 #blackholeweek, the editors of Physics searched the magazine’s archives to find the most read black hole stories. Read More »


Measuring a Black Hole Shadow

A new technique for measuring the shadows cast by a black hole binary could enable astronomers to glean details about these massive systems. Read More »

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