Helmut Ritsch

Photo of Helmut Ritsch

Helmut Ritsch is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Innsbruck. His research covers atomic, molecular, and optical physics with an emphasis on quantum optics, fundamental quantum physics, and ultracold quantum gases. He and his group have put forward foundational contributions towards cavity cooling in relation to ultracold gases, large molecules, nanoparticles, and optomechanics. Within quantum optics and ultracold gas physics, he has studied atom-field self-ordering phenomena, new quantum phases such as super solids, and measurement-induced macroscopic superpositions.  He has also investigated experimental applications in laser cooling of solids, heat gradient driven lasing, self-optimizing light collection systems, atomic clocks, and quantum simulation. In 2014 he was recognized as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

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