Kimitoshi Kono

Photo of Kimitoshi Kono

Kimitoshi Kono is the Chief Scientist of the Low Temperature Physics Laboratory, RIKEN. He received his Doctor of Science degree from the Department of Physics, University of Tokyo in 1982. He was an associate professor at the Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Tsukuba University, and the ISSP at the University of Tokyo before moving to RIKEN in 2000. He was a Humboldt Reseach Fellow at the University of Mainz (1988–1989) and at the University of Konstanz (1991). An experimentalist, his research interests include the properties of superfluid helium-3, strong correlation effects in single-electron transport on the surface of liquid helium, electron qubits on liquid He, the quantum transport associated with spins and supersolidity of helium-4.

Quantum Information

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