Parivash Moradifar

Photo of Parivash Moradifar

Parivash Moradifar is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University. She received her PhD in materials science and engineering in 2020 from Pennsylvania State University, where she used transmission electron microscopy as a microscale laboratory to research the localized plasmonic behavior of low-dimensional topological insulators and extended nanoassemblies to identify the impact of physical and chemical modifications. She is passionate about pushing electron microscopy beyond imaging and bridging electron microscopy, x-ray science, and ultrafast spectroscopies to develop new nanomaterials as well as to understand the elementary excitations under dynamic conditions. Outside of the lab, Moradifar enjoys hiking, wilderness backpacking, globetrotting, and learning about different cultures as well as exploring and practicing her fusion cooking and culinary skills.


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