Peter J. Hirschfeld

Photo of Peter  J. Hirschfeld

Peter Hirschfeld received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1985 and did postdoctoral research at the Technical University of Munich and Stanford University until 1988, when he joined the faculty at the University of Florida, where he is currently Professor of Physics. His research interests involve problems of strong electronic correlations and superconductivity, often including a focus on disorder.


Viewpoint: Nodes to the grindstone

Raman spectroscopy of a cobalt-doped iron-pnictide superconductor reveals the complex electronic structure of the superconducting state in this material. Read More »


Viewpoint: Led by the nodes

Heat transport measurements in an iron-based superconductor offer new clues towards the determination of the superconducting pairing interaction in these materials. Read More »