Stephen R. Clark

Photo of Stephen R. Clark

Stephen R. Clark is a Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of Bristol. He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford in 2007. He has subsequently held research fellowships at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in the National University of Singapore and at Keble College, Oxford, as well as a senior scientist post at the Clarendon Laboratory in the University of Oxford. Before joining Bristol in 2018, he was a Lecturer in physics at the University of Bath. His research focuses on the dynamical properties of driven strongly correlated many-body systems ranging from cold atoms to high-temperature superconductors.


Emerging Quantum Order in an Expanding Gas

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A New Spin on Thermometers for Extremely Low Temperatures

The temperature of an ultracold gas of rubidium atoms is measured precisely using internal quantum states of a single cesium atom. Read More »